Community-based family counseling and prevention services


Camelot looks at the needs of each particular child in Tennessee referred to us by DCS and matches them with a licensed home based on the strengths, experiences, and preferences of the foster families.  Information is shared with the foster parent(s) about the prospective foster child and, when possible, pre-placement visits are arranged for the family to meet with the child.

The children referred to Camelot are in the state of Tennessee's custody for an assortment of reasons and stay in our continuum for different amounts of time. Sometimes they have had several previous failed foster home placements or are ready to be discharged from residential group home care back into a family setting.  Some of the children have goals of returning home to their parents if conditions are corrected.  Others are teens who have goals of independence, which means they need a stable home until they are ready to move into adulthood.  Some children have goals of adoption and need homes which are willing to provide permanency for them in this way.

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