Community-based family counseling and prevention services


Camelot offers home-based, intensive counseling services through in Tennessee Continuous Child and Family Treatment (CCFT).

How do you know if CCFT is the service your family needs?
•    Are you feeling frustrated with your child’s behavior?
•    Is your child at risk for state custody?
•    Is your child at risk to go into a hospital for behavior?
•    Does your child’s behavior seem out of control?
•    Is your family covered by TennCare (BlueCare or United Health Care)?

The treatment requires voluntary participation in which a parent is willing to meet with and have a counselor come into the home to work with members of the family.  The service usually involves multiple visits per week by the counselor to the home.

Our Tennessee counselors specialize in
•    Emotional or behavior problems
•    Mental health issues
•    Parenting skills
•    Aggression or anger management
•    Grief counseling
•    Trauma or abuse counseling
•    Substance abuse