Community-based family counseling and prevention services


Strengthening children, families and communities.


Our mission is to be leaders in providing excellent and innovative human services.

Treatment Philosophy

There are 5 interrelated dimensions that we use to help understand our clients and the situations with which they want to help.

  • Cognitive. Knowing how the person understands, makes sense of, or interprets the problem or event. The more accurate and clear a person is in their understanding, the more appropriate and effective the person is able to be.

  • Affective. How does the person feel? What does the person do with their feelings? How does the person use their feelings? How aware and skillful is the person with their feelings? What feelings are difficult for the person? How does the person react to someone else’s feelings?

  • Behavior. What do they actually do behaviorally? What skills do they have for handling the event and what might they need to learn? What impact does their behavior have on others? How deliberate and conscious is their behavior, and how automatic and unconscious is it?

  • Social. Understanding the social context of the event or problem, along with the climate of the social and family systems.

  • Biochemical. Not everything is psychological. There is a possibility of an underlying medical problem or substance use helping to shape the client’s behavior. 


Camelot uses a rigorous PQI process to ensure the delivery of quality clinical services to our clients. 






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